Contributing to the Wiki

This Wiki is grounded in the traditions of DIY and volunteer-run spaces. Contributors and facilitators are always needed and welcomed to maintain the project!

Be an author!

You can edit and write on this wiki!

  1. Review the guiding principles and agree to abide by them.
  2. Read this page and the "About the Wiki" page carefully, as they have very important information.
  3. Email us at to create your account. Please let us know what you would like your username to be.
  4. It is helpful to know who’s writing here, and also can build community. Set up your User Page to introduce yourself, ideally with your first name.

Having trouble? Got questions? See Support below.

Policies for authors

  • Content will be removed from the Wiki if it goes against the guiding principles.
  • Racist, anti-Black, sexist, transphobic, anti-poor, and anti-houseless approaches will not be tolerated.
  • Harassment, or personal attacks on others, will be removed.
  • Generally, it is not appropriate to name other people without their consent. Exceptions include things which happen at board and committees, which are public record and on-the-minutes; information printed in public BSC publications; or information related to the work of powerful individuals within the co-op such as the executive director or president in their official jobs.
  • Content may also be removed if it can’t be properly verified or cited.
  • If you’re student staff, professional staff, senior management, a board rep, or a house manager, you should identify yourself as such on your user page. Editing as part of your job is a conflict of interest and is prohibited.

Editing disputes will be resolved by consensus of the facilitators (see below). Facilitators can also ban users for spam, trolling, or violation of the guiding principles.

Content Accessibility

It’s important to make the great material on this wiki accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities. Here are some quick tips on writing accessible content:


Need help? Send us an email:

Be a facilitator!

The purpose of facilitators is to maintain quality standards on the wiki. Facilitators co-edit the pages to make sure they are complete, accessible, truthful, and well-organized.

Facilitators do not have to approve of what you have written, but they may make suggestions or edits to improve it. They may also remove content if it violates the guiding principles.

Some of the essential tasks the facilitators do are:

  • Write documentation like this, to make the wiki easier-to-use and more welcoming
  • Creatively nurture the wiki to make it better
  • Help spread word about the project
  • Revert spam or hate speech
  • Deal with editing disputes
  • Administrate bans

This role helps guide the Wiki and make it live up to the guiding principles. It’s the digital equivalent of a “keyholder” at a DIY space.

BSC members and alumni are eligible to become facilitators.

Anyone can join and/or send to the listserv, and you can request facilitator status by sending an email to