About the Living Hxstory Project

What's a wiki?

It's a website of knowledge that anyone can edit! We can use wikis to build knowledge collaboratively and control it collectively.

This wiki is hosted by the BSC Alumni Association, focusing on the Berkeley Student Co-op.

What articles can I find here?

  • Topic — Overview(s) of information on a particular subject. These articles could offer a very basic overview or interesting and multi-faceted summaries of a subject.
  • Historical narrative — These are often written by individuals or collectives, spinning a particular narrative from the available information. They usually have a driving argument. Ideally, the primary author(s) of these should be identified (see “Authorship”).
  • Primary source / raw information — This is raw source material (board minutes, data, etc) that is simply being republished here.

Unlike Wikipedia, articles don’t have to be written from a neutral point-of-view. Participatory hxstory means you get to write it from your perspective!

All wiki articles do need to be grounded in truth. This is often demonstrated by citing books, websites, videos, board minutes, oral histories, or other documents when making a claim.

Articles must be written with the guiding principles in mind.

Who writes this?

How can I share and use our content?

Our content is licensed in a special way that allows you to republish our content word-for-word and/or remix it any way you like without asking permission, as long as it's for non-commercial use. You'll need to allow others to do the same with whatever you create.

To learn more, please visit the Creative Commons license page (CC BY-NC-SA).

If you need to cite this wiki in a document or another wiki, you can list the author as “BSCAA Living Hxstory Wiki Contributors.”

What's the tech behind this website?

This website runs on an open-source software called DokuWiki.