How to Research BSC Her/hx/history

Some helpful resources and starting places for research. The following information is based off

  • The Green Book is “a collection of history about the Berkeley Student Cooperative.” Includes “Cheap Place to Live” by Guy Lillian, “Counterculture's Last Stand” (about Barrington) by Krista Gasper, a zine about CZ, and more.
  • The UC Berkeley Bancroft Library has a large archive of USCA documents, including board minutes, promotional pamphlets, budget and finances, and information guides.
  • The BSC Alumni Association has many members and be able to connect you with others who have insight and historical wisdom!
  • Visit the Berkeley Historical Society, Long Haul Infoshop, or other community resource centers and ask around! (Comprehensive list of Bay Area community libraries, archives, and resources here.)
  • Central Office has a “vault” of documents, photos, and records related to the BSC, which may be available for members to look at.